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Proud Supporter of Laziness

The neighborhood playground is about a ten minute walk from my house. In honor of the glorious spring weather, the kids and I trooped over to fulfill the daily wear-them-out requirement. Across the street are about a dozen townhouses, houses we briefly considered when we were looking to buy, and every time we go to the playground I think, "Gee, if we lived HERE I'd only have to walk across the STREET."

I know, right? Could I BE more lazy?

We ended up at the playground this morning only after a lengthy argument with myself, wherein I debated the pros and cons of joining some playgroup moms for a picnic at the beach. Pros: friends! sunny weather! an endless sandbox of fun only twenty minutes away! Cons: Packing clothes. Packing lunch. Packing kids and assorted accessories into the car. Twenty whole minutes away. Laziness totally won out, as it does nearly every time.

And yesterday, after I emailed a friend to see about heading to the lake or the zoo or something appropriately fun-with-kids-outdoors, I backed out when she called to find out when we were going. "I don't know," I whined, "I don't think I can handle hordes of strollers today. And PARKING, who wants to deal with PARKING?" We ended up hanging out in her front yard, blowing bubbles and chasing a beach ball. And you know, that's way more my speed anyway.

I'm content to let Jack hunt the front yard for sticks and rocks and dandelions from wake up till dinnertime. We've got Molly's schedule and the unending list of annoying chores to contend with throughout the day, but for the most part both of us are pretty happy with the front yard. (Even if I spend an inordinate amount of time wishing for a fence so I wouldn't have to sit out there and track his every movement. Lazy people prefer to bark their, "I said no digging in the garden box!" and "Don't kick your ball into the hydrangea!" from behind a sudoku puzzle or a trashy magazine.)

Now, before you start thinking my kid never leaves our postage stamp-sized patch of grass, I should tell you that we DO get out pretty often. Every once in a while I feel ambitious and we'll try a community center gym or a kid-friendly coffee shop, and none of my friends have this lazy problem so we're constantly meeting them in fun and different places. It's just that my willingness to do these things, especially on my own, is rare. VERY VERY RARE.

See, when I discovered my neighbors had a brand new baby I dorked out on my website, asking the internet how to turn my neighbor into my new BFF. I mean, I'd never have to pack up the car again! Preschool is barely on my radar, but when I heard about co-op preschool I knew it wasn't for me. "Parent Participation"? No thanks, I'll be home enjoying my free time. And even though I have friends online and off who think I should totally get a jogging stroller, stuffing them into and keeping my kids happy in a jogging stroller sounds like a hundred times more hassle than spending thirty minutes alone with the treadmill. I'll say it again: LAZY.

I think it's okay, though. I may not have a membership to every children's attraction in the city and I may be completely and utterly averse to packing a diaper bag more than once a day, but we still manage to have some fun. Jack's favorite thing in the world is collecting sticks and throwing rocks, you guys, and you can find sticks and rocks ANYWHERE.

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