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A Reunion Jerry Springer Would Be Proud Of

Minus the catfights, bouncers, and paternity tests. Okay, Jerry Springer would have hated my family reunion but we all had fun.


Oh, how embarrassing! We were all wearing the same shirt.

baby yoga

Following his morning ritual of deep breathing and meditation, Magoo chose to take his sippy cup on a bed of seaweed...on the rocks.

brain extraction

Hold very still. The brain extraction is nearly complete. Don't worry. My mom says she didn't feel a thing.

don't jump

Don't do it! I don't care what Uncle Bob said, that green floating stuff is not cotton candy. It's something more akin to boogers and NOBODY wants to eat those, right? Bad analogy. Just don't do it, okay?

farm freedom

We saved a fortune on childcare by hosting the reunion at a farm where ample holding pens "reinforced fun zones" were available. This picture was taken just before they figured out that the metal fencing carried an electric charge.
Works every time.

funny farm

On the count of three, act like you're having fun.


Sie showin' me dein Papieres!

holding back the water

No slackers allowed when there's work to be done. Everyone must find a way to make herself useful. Luckily Bean's finger was just the right size to plug the hole in the outhouse.


Is that still alive?


Yep. I definitely feel movement.

horseshoe man

Although this attractive pose earned him his X-Man name of The Ringer, it didn't help him win out against his long-time horse-shoe-playing nemesis, known only as The Papa.


Over the course of the next year, we plan to teach Magoo many valuable life lessons. Near the top of the list are "The Virtues of Not Slamming Your Head into Every Available Hard Surface" and "Appropriate Kissing Techniques for Meeting and Greeting Extended Family."

red balloon

The shiny red balloon was a comforting sleep-aid for young Bean until the family dart-throwing championships got a little out of control.

goose henge

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, people have often speculated about the origins of Stonehenge. Was it built by men, gods, or aliens? Our family was pleased to discover it was actually built by giant killer geese. Well...those of us who survived.

take a joke

Taken just after we informed Magoo that we would be leaving him on the farm to fend for himself against the mutant geese. That kid can so not take a joke!

family pose

A family portrait can be considered a success when less than 60% of the members are jamming fingers in facial orifices.