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Six of Cuteness

Magoo’s still going through that manic depressive TMS (Toddler Mental Syndrome) stage where one minute life is a dream and the next a crushing nightmare. Sometimes it’s all we can do not to laugh out loud (or LOL as you fancy-pants internet people so succinctly put it on your MySpace pages) when he crumbles into yet another ball of hysteria. We know that in a minute or two he’ll be back to a state of frenetic nirvana, a bouncing ball of joy and likely blunt head trauma. But then the blunt head trauma will trigger the aforementioned despair. It’s a pretty predictable pattern.

A lot of his joy or pain comes from how big or how many things are. We’ve recently discovered that his numerical boggle threshold is SIX. When describing a mind-bogglingly huge number some people might use words like MILLIONS or BILLIONS but Magoo uses the number SIX. It’s a lot like “six” only a little different.

I figured this out the other day when I was dishing up some Skittles for him in a baggie. I gave him 10 or 15 and handed him the bag.

Magoo: MOOOOOM! Can I flease have SIX OF THEM?!
Me: Don’t you want this many?
Magoo: No. I want SIX OF THEM!
Me (confused): O…K

I then removed half of the Skittles and put them back in the container.

You can only guess which end of the manic depressive spectrum THAT put him on.

Magoo [holding his hands out to indicate something huge]: But I wanted SIX OF THEEEEEMMMMMM!

OHHHHH, like SIX of them.

Since then I’ve heard him say, “OH! WOW!! I just did SIX of pee pee!” as he was sitting on the potty. He’s also asked me, “Can I stay up for SIX of time before bed?” This morning at breakfast he said, “I want big lots of cereal, like SIX of cereal!”

It’s sad that we’re raising him to dream so small that SIX is the biggest number he can possibly imagine. Maybe when he grows up, he dreams of having his own room for a living, and for his fortieth birthday maybe getting a raise in his allowance from nothing to 50 cents per week. Nope. Make that SIX cents.



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