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So Glad We Had This Time

As I was preparing for our delayed trip to Cape Cod, the phone rang.

"Mommy, it says"

Wow, that's strange. I hope everything is okay.

"Hello, Lilan. How are you?"

"How did you know it was me?"

"Caller ID, girl. There are fewer secrets in this world every day. What's up?"

Before she answered, I already knew why she was calling. Have you ever prayed about a matter, contemplated how you were going to address a situation, and somehow it just works out without you doing a thing? My schedule had become hectic as I was teaching and working at home while doing some work-related traveling and training. During these recent weeks of self-reflection, I was giving less than my best during my weekly posts because I just didn't think that what I had to say, what I was dealing with was related to parenting or to children — it was related to life and it didn't always have a happy ending.

Lilan took a deep breath before she responded: "Well, Shawn. I'm calling with bad news."

"Sure, but relax. It's okay. It's not that bad."

The wonderful editor, whom I consider a friend even though we've never met, explained to me that there are some changes taking place at The Parenting Post and they've decided to hire a couple new bloggers. She expressed her sadness at letting me go, because "you were there in the beginning and you definitely have a distinctive voice." Immediately, I told her that it has been a great run, that I'm not surprised, and that I will miss everyone terribly, but I figured my season was up.

To the editors, you all are wonderful. Lilan, Julie, Jesse — I couldn't have picked a better group to dump my frantic posts and my oversized jpegs. You all took it in stride and never once thought I was crazy (well, you never said it out loud).

To the starting crew — Daring Young Mom, Damomma, Daddy Daze, and Booby Juice — keep on laughing, loving, and sharing. Parenting is serious stuff and I am so glad that you created a place to have fun with the matter. Need a pep talk (or a good laugh)? You know where to find me.

In an effort as always to bring you all to a happy and hopeful place, I have to close with a few updates on the Spences.

In preparation for her 13th birthday (and the big party she'll be having), my oldest daughter is going through a rites-of-passage program requiring her to study, do special projects, work for money — lots of stuff. I am looking forward to an incredible year. I've learned a lot about tweens and am now moving on to become — mother of a teenager! I'll be chronicling the changes at Do come visit!

My oldest son, besides being strong-willed and persnickety, is eating us out of house and home. He says it's a growth spurt, so I'm trying to determine how to stop this already six-month-long phase. Is there a natural herb for this? Or should I just chill and prepare for his physical body to catch up with his mental tenacity? UGGH! A call to the therapist is definitely in order.

The love machine is no longer an outcast in his circle of friends, even though he gets teased with the "K-I-SS-I-N-G" song periodically. He has lost his two front teeth, is itching to spend his birthday money, and has a new and improved plan for his paper-airplane empire.

Ms. Niara is looking forward to turning 5 in July so that she can go to school with the big kids. She's overcoming her fear of jumping off of the diving board into 10 feet of water, and she's still feeling ignored and would be mad if she realized that everyone got a birthday tribute at The Parenting Post except for her. SHHH! Please don't tell.

And the finale, the big cheese, the BBB, who is no longer looking like a big-cheeked baby these days, is preparing for the potty-training journey. I am trying to get him to stop throwing everything that is not stuck to the ground, and to stop him from sleeping in our bed. Oh, the shame...

As for me, I'm still forever flyy, minimizing the TBB with some exercise and some control tops, and no longer attempting to have it all together all of the time. DH and I are trying to keep at least a "B" in the romance department and I am going to be taking a photography class and maybe some voice lessons this summer.

As Carol Burnett would say, I'm so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh... and before we knew it came the time we had to say, 'So long.'