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So Guess What, Internet!

Photo courtesy of Maggie Cheung

I HAD A BABY. Ta-da!

Emma Jane arrived two weeks early and within three hours of my water breaking, so it appears I've given birth to a worried-she'll-be-late people-pleaser - in other words, she takes after me. I mean, it was only last week that I was moaning and groaning about the last unpleasant weeks of pregnancy, and look! Here she is! So all you ladies dying to get this over with already, when the castor oil and awkward sex doesn't work, try writing a whiny blog post and see what happens. 

We are tired, we are transitioning, we are behind on the laundry, and one of us has bleeding nipples, but so far things are going well. (Except in the nipple department. But that's another post and oh yes, I WILL get to that post.) Emma's pretty chill, but I know newborns can fool you that first week or two. The screaming could bust out at any moment, but for now, she eats, she sleeps, and occasionally Queen Emma opens her eyes and acknowledges her subjects. No big bursts of crying, but she does have a nice shrill shriek that I've already translated to: MILK! NOW! WANT! 

Third Baby is only five days old, but I already have material for all sorts of Super Fascinating Posts. But right now I think I need to squeeze in a nap. Emma slept great last night and then decided to shoot for sleep valedictorian (she DOES take after me!) and sleep all day... which means we are pretty much screwed for tonight, right? I NEED A NAP. 

Thanks for sticking with me through the last nine months, Parenting Peeps. I'm not sure how people had babies before the internet.