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So Long, Farewell...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
Especially when it makes me so blue:
Today's post will unfortunately be my last,
Though I must admit, writing for Parenting has been quite a blast.
I've decided to go out with a bit of fanfare,
To do something different this time, if you care.
So think of this rhyme as my final swan song,
My way of easing the sadness of saying "So long."

I'm so thankful for this chance I had as a mother,
Writing taught me so much about me and about others.
But at the end of the day, blogging is just a hobby for me,
And there are others out there who take it more seriously.
There's so much I have to do as Lucas and Justin get older,
Plus be a wife and work full-time — and that's a lot to shoulder!
I've been asked to step aside so new bloggers can try their hand,
And hopefully bring with them many, many more fans!

Thank you to everyone who read all of my posts,
And to the Parenting team, without whom I'd be toast.
Best of luck to the other bloggers, who always make me laugh,
And to the new bloggers who will be joining a great staff.

Eleven months was a long run and I'm happy to have been a part
Of The Parenting Post blog from the absolute start.
You can continue to read all about booby juice, have no fear,
You will just have to visit me all the way over here.



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