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"So What Should We Do Now?"

For four days I didn't miss my kids.

The first day that I was away I didn't even call home. And worse yet, it didn't even cross my mind to call home. I only felt bad that night when my husband called, slightly annoyed but trying to hide it, and said, "I thought maybe you were dead."

Um, no, I am alive. Very much alive. Perhaps feeling even more alive than I have for a long time. Or at least better dressed on this many consecutive days for a long time.

Taking care of children, a husband, and a house every day is exhausting.

By the second day, I remembered to call home. And reminded my roommate about the whole calling thing. After we spoke to our husbands and children, I looked over at her and said, "So what should we do now?"

We put on our cute shoes and clothes that we didn't have to worry about grimy hands touching, grabbed our teeny tiny pocketbooks, because we didn't need to carry things like diapers, Power Rangers, and snacks with us, and just walked out of the hotel room. We didn't need to have a plan.

I ate at restaurants that did not have a dedicated children's menu (or if they did I didn't need to ask for them). I drank cocktails before bedtime. I took cabs and never fretted about car seats or the lack thereof. I felt bad that I did not miss them. Surely this was not normal. I overheard other mothers going on and on about how much they missed their children and how they were wishing they could cut their stay short.

I felt bad. Bad that I did not feel the least bit, well, bad.

On the fifth day I woke up and realized I missed my children. I was excited to get home and see them. I was momentarily thankful that my mothering license would not have to be revoked. Luckily my husband had my children all stay up to 11:15 p.m. to greet me. And I say that with only the slightest bit of sarcasm.

When I told my husband all of this, he hugged me and said, "You know what this means? You need to get away more often."

Do you see why I love that man?

Also, I am totally calling my travel agent. The way the kids have been today I am thinking that September would be perfect.


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