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Star Wishes Love You

Laylee's always dreamed of having a dress with pockets. I did not know this until I purchased one for her. I'm actually not sure she knew it until I purchased one for her. Nevertheless, the moment she donned her pink Old Navy t-shirt dress for the first time, she was sure it was the dress she'd always dreamed of. POCKETS! Ah yes.

Sometimes I let her help me around the house. She's good for mopping floors on her hands and knees, dusting lower shelves and emptying the dishwasher of everything pink. She likes to be the one to fetch things from the neighbors.

When I needed a cup of milk from next door, Laylee volunteered to run and get it for me. I told her I'd just go. She said, "But Mom! I've already got my shoes on!" So I handed her the glass measuring cup and watched from the front porch as she carefully made her way down our long driveway, across the neighbor's lawn and out of sight. A couple of minutes later, she reappeared, holding the measuring cup in one hand and grinning like a maniac as the milk sloshed up and over the sides. She walked amazingly slowly.

"Dude. Hold it with both hands sweetie. It's sloshing."

"I had to wave goodbye to our neighbor with the other hand Mom."

Of course. What was I thinking?

And what was I thinking at dinner when Laylee poked with a fork at the cheese on top of her pizza, letting the tomato sauce squeeze to the surface? I was thinking that sitting at my table was a 12-year-old boy masquerading as a 4-year-old princess.

"OH LOOK!" she exclaimed, watching the pizza sauce emerge from the white cheese, "It's just like blood spurting!" Noticing my look of disapproval she added, "Only differenter."

Yes, differenter indeed. In this family we consider it ill-mannered to compare our meal to gore-spewing flesh at the dinner table.

We also consider it impolite to make air without saying "excuse me". We would certainly never encourage our children to laugh when their mom had a touch of flatulence, suggesting, "I think God made us so we could toot because that noise is HILARIOUS!"

I think God made Laylee to hang out with me because she's HILARIOUS. She's also good at naming things.

"Hey mom. What's your name?"


"NOOOO! Not that name. Your game name."


"Now your name's gonna be Star Wishes Love You, okay?"

Star Wishes Love You
What's YOUR game name?

Whatever you say, my Laylee of Sweetness. Whatever you say.


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