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Subtle Signs Spring Cleaning is Coming

Living in Texas with its rather ambiguous seasons, it is not always easy to tell when spring cleaning time should fall. One day you are in coats and gloves, the next you are sweating in shorts and a tank top, wondering to yourself where spring went and how you missed it. Over the years, I have found small, subtle ways of finding that perfect window when I can finally throw open the windows, air out the house and start scrubbing down the crooks and crannies of my home.

I can see it all around me. No, not trees sprouting new buds. The first thing I notice is that the dust bunnies in the corner of the living room are planning a family reunion with the dust bunnies in the game room. Those small bits of dust have grown up and become like silent family pets. However, we can't have those bunnies hosting family reunions all over our home. Once I see the invitations go out, it is time for the eviction notices for those bad boys.

I can also hear it in the air. No, not birds singing. Teenagers whining about needing a break from school, counting days until Spring Break and complaining about how unfair it is that they have to go to school and I get to stay home and "do nothing" all day. I hear their frustration with the never-ending work, testing and schedules. But mainly? I hear the grunts and moans in the morning before school when I try to drag them out of bed and after school when it is homework time. They have reached the point where they are over school and desperate for a break from it.

And, sure, I can smell it in the air. No, not flowers blooming. It is in the smell of the outdoor grill. That is my favorite clue that spring is about to pop its head out of the winter doldrums and burst forth with passion. I will admit to the selfish reason that this is my favorite sign: it gets me out of the kitchen, puts him on the grill and that makes my life so much happier! I am not a fan of cooking and the smell of outdoor grilling just makes me feel all squishy good inside.

So, in preparation of the inevitable spring cleaning marathon to come, I am gathering my cleaning supplies, getting together a game plan and looking forward to bidding this flu-ridden, long, dark winter a not-so-fond farewell. I am beginning to make plans for Spring Break and also summer fun. I am in full onslaught battle mode waiting for my own personal first signs that spring is coming.

And though many people are buried under more snow than I can comprehend and I am not quite in my shorts and barbeque phase, I have seen some motion from the dust bunnies and most definitely have heard the grumblings of the teenagers.

That can only mean one thing for me: spring cleaning is right around the corner. And for the first time in years, I am eagerly awaiting this annual chore I usually dread.

Bring it on, dust bunnies. I have consulted my lawyer and you are about to move out!

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