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Bringin’ Sexy Back

Before becoming pregnant, I wore heels—and I’m not talking about kitten heels here— 24/7. Aside from the fact that they make absolutely no sense as shoes, per se, there’s no denying that high heels look sexy on women, and vice versa. They don’t have to look sexy in a slutty way, either; stick a pair on a t-shirt and jeans and you’ve got yourself a winning outfit with a certain panache that onlookers can’t quite put their fingers on. Wear a pair with a little black dress and you own the room… Wear a pair and nothing else, and you’ve got yourself a baby. Much more than simply an all-purpose accessory, high heels were my standby style staple for years. Then I got pregnant, and the axiom proved true; I wanted nothing to do with shoes. I walked around barefoot whenever possible. I even sat barefoot in my desk chair at work.  Now, post-pregnancy, I still like to be barefoot, and I still love to rock the high heels when I get dolled up. Bouncing back and forth between these extremes is an easy one-step process, too-- no shoelaces to contend with. But bouncing back into a really workable style in the first year after pregnancy is another story.

High heels may be sexy, and will always be perfect for parties, but they look pretty stupid—and feel downright painful—when you’re pacing a room and burping a baby, or carrying three bags of groceries in one hand and a car seat in the other. And footwear is just the beginning. I fit just fine into all of my regular clothes—it’s been six months since Kaspar was born-- but I also get baby-barfed on ten times a day… I am slowly adding to my wardrobe; I’m on the lookout for clothes that easily mix and match, that are comfortable to wear and for Kaspar to snuggle up against, and that still leave me looking put-together (kitten heels, as it turns out, are amazing for this on the footwear front).  Ease of use is definitely crucial— but so is that last part about looking good. Being a mom is fabulous… and exhausting. I don’t exactly wake up in the morning feeling “refreshed” (probably has something to do with being up three hours before…). I’m more than willing to sacrifice that bright-eyed feeling for a while, of course, as I care for my sweet baby, but I’m also twenty-five years old, and not yet willing to throw in the towel on my sexy side (I’m game to feel like I’ve been run over by a train, but I don’t want to look that way just yet).

My definition of sexy, by the way, is not limited to lingerie: If you look good, you feel good, and feeling good looks sexy (the French, stereotypically, have this down pat). I’m trying to figure out how to look good in the midst of mom-hood. And I know it’s possible. I know some hot mamas. I’ve mastered the one-handed mascara application— so what’s the next step when I step into my closet?

What are you wearing right now? What are your go-to secrets for being the stylin’ mamas that you are? Favorite brands, stores, colors, cuts— share your tips and tricks for bringing sexy right on back!