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Coming Soon on! (Ooooo, Newness!)

Taylor Hengen Newman

Hi Parenting Post readers! Just dropping in for a quick hello, and to update you on some exciting news. Ready? Drum roll please…

I’m moving again! No, no, not yet across national borders (though I’m seriously tempted by Finland’s educational system, and by the family allowance in France…)— we’re really feeling very settled, for now, at home in Tejas. What I mean to say is that I’m moving on over from The Parenting Post to a new Natural Parenting blog that’s currently under construction right here on I’ll post the link later this month when it’s go-time, so you can all get in on the conversation and breathe in that (VOC-free) new-blog smell. Exciting, right?!

I’ll be posting there twice weekly about everything under the natural parenting sun, culling the current hot topics from the great wide blogosphere (plus major news sources, Twitter, or wherever the action is). So, while I’ll no doubt still deliver delicious excerpts of Newman family living (because what is a blog without all-night barfathons?), my focus here on is shifting somewhat to all that’s wild and wonderful in the world of green mamahood. Opinion-sharing (with manners, please) will be encouraged, and all perspectives appreciated!

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about how our potty-training’s progressing, want some tasty recipes or just some company when you’re kept awake all night by your very own littles at home, swing on by, where I’ll continue to keep it cozy and personal, with plenty a Kaspar-bear pic.

So yeah, that’s my news! Parenting Post, I’ve LOVED you; it's been an honor to share my mamahood adventures with such a diverse and fun group of readers, and in the company of such talented writers, as well. Now I can’t wait to move this party over to my new space on the site! Stay tuned for the grand opening. And, while you’re waiting, please let me know (in the comments section below) what topics have recenrly caught your eye, or captured your fancy, in the natural parenting sphere. Breastfeeding, baby-wearing, elimination communication? Bring it on.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me since the beginning of my Kaspar-bump, and I’ll look forward to seeing you over on the blog-to-be!