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Wanna Take a Tour of Kaspar's Room? Come On In! (Makeover Edition!)

Taylor Newman

We lived in a 400 square foot railroad apartment back in Brooklyn, and while I nested like a pregnant pro, we were definitely feeling the tight-quarters squeeze by the time we decided to move. I had big plans to make Kaspar’s room (his very own room) into a fun, inviting and imaginitive place upon landing, and although he still sleeps with us, he starts out in his own crib, and plays/reads/chills out in his room a lot by day. I love that he has a little space to call his own, and although we’re not yet ready to buy a house to call our own, I feel strongly that environment is everything, and went all out in creating exactly the room for Kaspar that I imagined. Come on in for a tour (via my camera phone, busy-mom style)!

Okay, I should mention that Aaron was a little let down by the popcorn ceilings and bedroom carpets that greeted us upon our arrival. He feels he’s too old for all that. But when I saw our new place, I saw a canvas, and knew we could rock it out. Kaspar's bedroom window looks out on a wooden fence and some swaying bamboo, which I found particularly inspiring, so I got to work in there first, and kinda went to town . The rest of our place is also, finally, feeling pretty awesome to come home to, but you’ll have to come over for dinner to see the rest of it; I’ll give you the inside look on Kaspar’s room right here, cuz, well, this, not Apartment Therapy!

This is on Kaspar's door, a preview of what's to come: it's a little letter K, and a leaf from the wall decal I got from Surface Inspired (an awesome Etsy shop that creates amazing wall art you won’t regret in the morning. They worked closely with me on the colors and design, too… see below for the whole shebang).  The letter K is from Guatemala. You'll have to go there to get one.


I got some pistachio green wall paint from Freecycle as a first step in the room makeover. I’ve watched enough HGTV to know that wall color is one of the best ways to transform a room from blah to “ahhh”, and--- voila.

I left the closets white, however, and stuck the decal from Surface Inspired up there. I created that swirly blown leaf layout you see here, but they sent me the tree, birds and leaves to work with. Fun, right? It gets better.


Here’s the wall above Kaspar’s changing table. Remember the table and Signed and Numbered frames (complete with pregnant potato art?) from the initial nesting? Well, here they are again, but with another swirly leaf decal design backing ‘em up (the changing table and bins look basically the same as they did in phase one).

Changing wall

Here’s the wall above Kaspar’s crib. I got more frames from Signed and Numbered --again, going handmade always means awesome, customized service!-- and filled the frames with photos I shot of cool street art around Austin.

Crib art




I got an adorable owl shelf and porcupine hook rack from Maple Shade Kids, an eco-friendly room furnishings company run by a super creative and helpful mom in New Hampshire, my home state! These are just too sweet. I love them! And Kaspar loves them. That too.



owl shelf

I ordered a custom made bookcase from Wort, also on Etsy. He recycles wood to make distressed-esque furniture (he’s also a dad to two boys—go creative parents!). He worked with me on color and design options and delivered this amazing bookshelf with stars and trees on the sides and a sunrise/sunset (your choice) on top. It’s just the right size for Kaspar, and it’s a one-of-a-kind heirloom we’ll keep in the family forever. Note: The bookcase photos are playing hard-to-get when viewed in Firefox. If you can't see them below, check 'em out directly here and here.

Bookcase front


Bookcase side


I found the chair in Kaspar's reading corner on, and I ordered an orange paper lamp-- the kind people use for wedding parties and the like-- to hang above it. The rug is from Ikea.


And that’s his space! I was shooting for welcoming, warm and whimsical—do you think I got there? What’s your favorite part? Is there anything else you think we should add, or something really great you’ve found for your kids’ rooms that I (or other readers) will be excited to know about?

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to your thoughts and reactions! <3