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They Say - It's called labor for a reason.

Each week, the editors at compile a list of our favorite parenting blogs.  This week we focus on birth stories and labor woes.

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting for baby to arrive. (Humble Musings)

The true tale of a home birth that took place in the bathroom. (What the Fuss)

Been there, done that: who said having a c-section makes things easier? (10 Centimeters and Beyond)

An American midwife shares the saga of delivering quadruplets - naturally - in Malawi. (Baby Catcher)

"We are going to induce your wife, so be prepared." Say what?! (Sean, Marisa, and Baby Owen)

Hospitals have never looked as good as they do to a woman with contractions. (Alyson, Cara and Erik)

Funny commentary from a labor and delivery nurse who suddenly realized that her job is actually quite similar to that of Simon Cowell. (It's a Baby Not Brain Surgery)

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