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They Say - It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A 10 and 11-year-old wax philisophical about a certain big old jolly guy. (Days to Come)

There's nothing quite like a dancing toddler to heighten the holiday spirit.
(Who Said Anything About Common Sense?)

Finding the family Christmas tree is sort of like searching for the perfect pair of strappy shoes.

Indeed, your branches are quite lovely - especially when you consider the laugh-out-loud qualities of living with children and pets. 
(Silly Witch Chronicles)

Not so picture perfect: it takes several attempts before you get that beautiful holiday snapshot.
(Why do These Kids Keep Calling Me Mom?)

Some call it the season of giving. Others call it a time of irrational behavior and drastic overspending.
(Slacker Moms-R-Us)

In the midst of all the chaos this time of year brings, it's the kids who remind us of the good things.
(Tales from the MommaHood)