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They Say - Making a Baby is Fun

Each week, the editors at compile a list of our favorite parent's blogs. The news of Jamie Lynn Spears' unplanned pregnancy has been making headlines, so this week's topic is all about what conception is really like.

An accurate and funny tale of one Australian mom who is trying for her third child. (Snippets of Life)

You don't have to be an unwed teenager to get floored by the news that you're pregnant. (Pregnancy over 40)

No matter how old you are, carrying a child changes your life forever. (Someday We Will Sleep)

It's hard to know when you are ready to expand your family...again. (Mommin it Up)

This dad doesn't want to spoil any surprises about his baby-to-be. (Diary of a Dad to Be)

There's real truth to the expression "Pregnant Glow." Here's why. (O, The Joys)