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They Say – Momma Knows Best

If you've chosen to have children, you obviously don't care much about your career or your future, right? (Seattle Mom Blogs)

Maybe you haven't been affected by the recent rash of toy recalls. Kari takes a personal look at the possible effects on her autistic son. (The Karianna Spectrum)

The Queen of Shake-Shake questions whether early intervention is really the best thing for autistic children. (Queen of Shake Shake)

Are you teaching your preschooler to spell yet? This creative attempt at word creation cracked me up. (Life of 'Pie)

How does a Jewish mom explain to her child about the overwhelming presence of Santa everywhere but in her own home? (Marketing Mommy)

Don't miss Melanie's Holiday Shopping Carnival. Her readers are all weighing in with their best gift ideas. (Don't Try This at Home)

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