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They Say Questions

One cute kid + one great costume = what are the chances he'll be sent home for yorching at school? (crazed parent)

Does parenting ever make you feel schizophrenic, like you're riding on a roller coaster of emotions? Us too. (Hollywood Flakes)

What do you do when there's nothing you can do for your child? How do you overcome the helpless feeling of being a parent to a child who's afraid or in pain? (Antique Mommy)

As much as I wish my kids would stay small forever and never never grow up and leave me, there's a small part of me that looks forward to the time that they're old enough for me to go out and leave them for a few hours on a Friday night. Bossy asks what age is old enough to be left home alone? (i am bossy)

Do your kids ever tell a sketchy version of "the truth"? As Izzy Mom explains that "it's not about the apple anymore." (Izzy Mom)

Do you make your own baby food? All the cool kids are doing it. (Mighty Maggie)

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