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They Say Spooky Halloween Edition

It's scary how unrealistic our parenting expectations are before we actually have kids. (Frog and Toad Are Still Friends)

Is your kid dressing up as an advertisement for the Disney Corporation for Halloween this year? What about your teenager? Does she need a new toothbrush? (The Simple Family)

Jenny's most afraid of her little boy growing up. Well, that and being forced into a life of servitude as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. (Absolutely Bananas)

When depression comes knocking, sometimes it's frightening just to exist from day to day. Kimberly writes about fighting to dig out of that hole and keep life happy for her kids. (Temporary? Insanity)

If the thought of raising teenagers doesn't fill your little parenting heart with spooky Halloween terror, you haven't thought about it hard enough. (Mommy Needs Coffee)

And I can't help but share one more link. Jen Lemen writes beautifully about calming her daughter to sleep as she struggles to understand the injustices in her young life, no TV, lack of a pet dog, the otherness of her family. Life's rough when you're nine and when you're nine's mom. (Jen Lemen)

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