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They Say Tender, Kind and Green All Over

I've heard it said that women are the natural nurturers in most families. It's refreshing to read what this dad has to say about fitting in some precious cuddle time with his active 2-year-old. (Childs Play x2)

And he's not the only fatherly blogger tugging at my heart strings this week. Baby Daddy wrote a tender post about how he's handling his little one's latest milestone. (Baby Daddy)

It's amazing how we're affected by the ups and downs our children experience. Everything that happens to them happens to us on a very deep level and we're hard on ourselves and we just want to what's best for them. See Amalah's post this week. (

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Scribbit thinks we trees need to shape up just a bit. (Scribbit)

Are you a green parent? I'm more of a peachy color but I'd like to add a hint of green to my parental complexion. Mary Ellen Slayter of the Washington Post gives some practical advice and Gift of Green compliments it nicely with some helpful links. (Gift of Green)

Allysha's mountain isn't green. Neither is it growing. That's a good thing. (Bells on Their Toes)

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