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The Times They Are A-Changin'

Today marks a new season at The Parenting Post. After nearly a year of excellent blogging by our trusted five, we've decided to shake things up with a new lineup. We bid a fond farewell to Booby Juice and dahGurl, who've given so very much, and we welcome two new voices:

Chris is the homeschooling mom of seven (!!!), an obsessive historic-house rescuer, and the author of the popular Notes From the Trenches as well as an advice blog, In the trenches of motherhood, where you find out just how she does it...because really, Chris, how do you do it?

Janet is the salty-mouthed mother of 3-year-old twins and the author of halfmama, where she blogs about everything from Fabio to Asian earwax to her freakish sense of smell.

Be sure to check out Chris's posts on Tuesdays and halfmama's on Thursdays — and, of course, your old faves: Daddy Daze on Mondays, Damomma on Wednesdays, and Daring Young Mom on Fridays. The photos and bios of our new bloggers will be up soon!

If you miss dahGurl and Booby Juice, not to worry — you can still find their archives here and here, or get a fresh dose at and