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Too Young to Notice Our Flagrant Truancy

I got a flu shot. I really did. I remember because it hurt and while I was getting it, Laylee lost her beloved bracelet but didn't notice she'd lost it until half an hour later when we'd walked in and out of buildings all over the face of the known world. I ate a salad that day. With beans in it. I know I got a flu shot.

My body? Well, my body does not so much know that I got a flu shot. My body is enjoying entertaining every possible bug in the great state of Washington for days on end, one after the other after the other. I'm not actually sure if I've had the flu this season but when I get a flu shot I just assume it will protect me like an amulet of health from all possible germs.

Today as I woke up battling mightily my latest infestation of sinus infection, chest cold and body aches, I decided that I would do nothing but lie around, whine, replenish the kids' bubble solution and change DVDs. I skipped Magoo's toddler music class, assuming that the other parents would rather not have me dancing, singing and holding hands with their wee ones, thus transmitting unknown plagular viruses.

As I lay in a cloud of used tissues, I thought about how grateful I am that the kids are still too young to notice our flagrant truancy from the various classes and events we've excused ourselves from this cold and flu season.

At this point they don't look forward to music class every Thursday because they don't really know what "every Thursday" means. It's Thursday when I say it's Thursday and today it was not Thursday because it was Day of Sickness and Near Death instead.

The strange thing is that they're not the ones getting sick most of the time. I am. It's really quite inconsiderate of me. Hopefully I'll get my immune system back in line before they're old enough to call me out on all the great fun they're missing.


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