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Two More Weeks of Crazy

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. At my last appointment, she asked if I wanted to be "checked" (and those of you who have been "checked" understand why I use quotation marks because it is quite another thing ENTIRELY) and I was all, "No thank you!" Because why would I want to do THAT?

This time? I am so getting checked. I have to know if these random, sometimes-painful, sometimes-breath-catching contractions I've been having every evening are DOING ANYTHING. And if they are not, I will be one unhappy pregnant lady for sure. Because what is the point of having contractions if they are not accomplishing anything? WHO HAS CONTRACTIONS FOR FUN?

In the meantime, I am doing a whole lot of sitting around. Poor Jack. We used to go to the wading pool and the playground and Target and sometimes we'd even go visit friends, but lately I don't even have the energy to haul myself up the stairs to change his diaper. (But I do. Jeez. I'm not THAT bad of a mom.) Yesterday, I resolved to take him to the playground a few blocks from our house, but by the time I finally got ourselves ready to go, it was time for lunch. Oops! So we ate lunch, and then he took a three hour nap, and all was well in the world because: THREE HOUR NAP! Awesome! I didn't even have to wrack my brains about what to do in the afternoon, because my sister dropped by and took care of the entertainment.

Sitting around hasn't prevented me from going absolutely crazy with getting ready, though. When you are having annoying contractions every night you are also paranoid that you could be having the baby ANY MINUTE and OH GOD, THE HOUSE IS FILTHY. I have to say I haven't made much progress on the filthy house front, but I have set up the portable crib and new girly bedding, the pack 'n play is downstairs and ready for naps, there are baskets of diapers and wipes in every possible diaper-changing location, the onesies are washed and the bottles are lined up in the cupboard. I even bought new valves and tubes for my borrowed pump even though, quite honestly, the LAST thing I am excited about is doing THAT again.

So we're all ready. We have Who Is Going To Watch Jack plans for every possible scenario. We have people bringing us dinners. We have the new baby email list all set up. My husband is in charge of bringing the laptop to the hospital and hacking out of their annoying firewall so I can post a picture as soon as possible. We've thrown the baby seat in the back of the car, and this time I've even packed a hospital bag ahead of time. We could not be more ready, New Baby, so any day now would be nice.

Oh. Did I forget to tell you I still have two more weeks until my due date? TWO MORE WEEKS. At this point everyone is hoping the baby comes early just so I will stop with all the getting-ready madness. It's a little unbecoming, not to mention totally interfering with my sitting around.

The good shows don't start till September, and I just finished my novel. Anyone have any good ideas for how to wile away two more weeks, now that I've got all the important stuff out of the way? Because we all know, hoping that the baby arrives early means the baby is going to be very, very late.


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