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An Unconventional Way to Stay Cool

Certain events happen every summer. You can practically check them off on some cosmic to-do list. This year we are marking the passage of time much as we have every other year for as long as I can remember:

Vacation? Planned and eagerly anticipated. A good time was had by all!

Sunburn? Not anticipated, but nevertheless showed up right on time.

Hearing “I'm bored” 10 times a day? This little gem of a chant is one I can do without, yet can count on happening as sure as the heat will make everyone whine.

Head cold, complete with fever and chills? Wait. What? Who gets a head cold in July? I mean really!

Apparently, I do.

You see, I suffer so often from allergies that they're the first thing I blame when the sneezes, sniffles, and coughs start. They act up with major seasonal changes. Or rain. They bother me when I travel long distances. (And by long distances I mean traveling further than 150 miles from my home.)

The sneezing began last weekend, quickly followed by their good friend Mr. Headache. I had no problem pointing my finger at allergies. After all, I was outside in near-100-degree temperatures with allergy triggers all around me. Those muscle aches? I was trying to exercise more. Exhaustion? I have three kids at home for an entire summer. What mom isn’t tired?

By yesterday, the sneezing had not let up. Come to think of it, neither had the headache, the muscle aches, or the exhaustion. I had blown off the feverish skin, assuming my house was just too warm. So why I was huddled under a blanket, shivering? Why did I feel like a truck had hit me? Why I had blown though an entire box of tissues in one day?

I had to face facts. I had a summer head cold complete with fever and chills.

I pouted when I realized it was a full-blown ”take your medicine and go to bed” thing. At least, I was pouting until I noticed that I was actually cold and shivering while the rest of my family was sweating and suffering in an attempt to stay cool in our sweltering house.

I suppose there are worse things than to have a summer cold. At least I am staying cool, having drinks and snacks brought to me, and can stay in bed without feeling guilty. If it weren’t for the constant sneezing and crushing headache, it could be a perfect summer activity. But not one I really want to add to my annual summer cosmic to-do list. That I can do without.