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The Upside of Deafness

Laylee has lost her hearing. When you talk to her, she either stares at you with a vague uncomprehending smile or yells, "WHAT?" until you yell back. She came down with her 100,000th ear infection this weekend and although the antibiotics have antied all the biotics in her body, her ear canals have been left full of thick fluid that causes her to need an ear-horn. The doctor says it's temporary and we're glad about that. Life is easier for the hearing in this world and I truly enjoy talking with her. By the time I put her to bed each night, I'm annoyed by my own yelling voice. “Did you have fun at preschool Laylee? I SAID DID YOU HAVE FUN AT PRESCHOOL LAYLEE??!!” Magoo jumps or flinches when I yell and I've had to explain to the neighbor kids so they don't think I'm telling her off in the strangest possible way. "LAYLEE! THAT WAS REALLY NICE HOW YOU SHARED YOUR JELLY BEANS WITH MAGOO!!! THANK YOU!" "Why is she mad about that?" they wonder. I'm not mad, just loud by necessity. But sometimes, I don't need to be loud around her. Sometimes I need to be very very quiet. This whole deafness thing could really come in handy as we prepare for Christmas. Until she learns to lip read, we can discuss all her presents without her knowing a thing. Dan can proposition me openly if her back is turned and I can even say C-R-A-P without spelling it out. I really do hope she gets better soon but for now, we're looking on the bright side.