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Week in Review

All week long I have been waiting.

Waiting for that one comic anecdote, that shining insight that I'd use as the basis for my latest post here on the blog.

Nothing came.

There were a number of smaller moments that were somewhat noteworthy, but none of them fodder for a full-on post.

However, I thought, if I collected these into one comprehensive review, we'd have something. So, here we are. This blogger's week in review.

Gracie's haircut

Grace received her first haircut this week, at what just may be the greatest kids' barbershop ever. The owner has retro-fitted old pedal car toys in place of typical barber's chairs (see above), including a firetruck, race car and more. I didn't know this at first, and I was at work when the actual trim took place. Later, Grace and mom called my office to tell me how it went:

"I got my hair cut, daddy."

"Oh, great, honey!"

"My hair went on the floor."

"Yes, I bet it did."

"Now I'm in the police car."


"The police car is here."

"What? Let me talk to mommy!"

William has leaned to say "truck" and "cup," but they both sound just like another word that is not fit to print here. Imagine him chanting that word over and over at the Natural History Museum while the kind older woman was trying to read a story about pigs and geese to a room full of toddlers and shocked parents, and you'll get a sense of how that went.

Grace is set to begin preschool on the 18th, amid what I consider to be turmoil. A few years ago, scientists decided that we can't say "jellyfish" anymore. They're now called "jellies." Likewise, "starfish" are now to be called "sea stars." This week, we learned that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, and that Neptune may suffer the same fate soon enough. I feel like I should enroll with her and just start over, as I've obviously been very wrong about a number of basic things.

Finally, Grace's obsession with Band-Aids continues. Earlier this week, she snuck into the bathroom and plastered three onto her face, one on an arm and another on a knee. I discovered her just as we were on our way to the grocery store, and rather than start a "take-those-Band-Aids-off" battle, I just stuck her into the car.

Flash forward to the three of us walking through the store, William dropping F-Bombs all over the place and Grace looking like I let her juggle chainsaws. Those were some good times.

My wife goes back to work today (she's a teacher), so I get to be Stay-at-Home Dad three days a week until next summer. What all this means is, I'll get to spend much more time with the kids. Or, as I see it, gather material for the blog.