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Welcome to my new(ish) blog!

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited to be making the move from Project Pregnancy over here to the Parenting Post--and not just because that means I am no longer a giant pregnant lady! As you all know, being a mom means a constant supply of things to talk about/worry about/beam about/wonder about/laugh about/etc. and I love that I have a place to do just that. Especially since I now have double the material! I had my second baby—Nora Jane—three weeks ago (you can read about my adventurous, drug-free birth) and I’m happy to report that things are going incredibly well.


Nora on her first day!


For those of you who haven’t followed my story before (I chonicled my life in a column and blog for GLAMOUR and, for the past nine months, on Project Pregnancy), I am a cancer patient/survivor and still take medication for my disease, chronic myelogenous leukemia. I had to stop the drug to get pregnant, which was a little risky (I wrote about it for Parenting back in September), but I am now back on treatment and Nora and I are both happy and healthy. Yay! And my son, Alex, who’s almost two and a half, is surviving being a big brother and, so far, seems to like his baby sister a lot. Although he did nearly take out her eye this morning with the snot sucker thingy. Baby steps….


Alex meets his new sister for the first time (there was a meltdown two minutes later but he recovered nicely).


There are so many topics I want to discuss on the blog—potty training, pre-school, peanut allergies—and I can’t wait to hear your opinions and experiences but for today I figured I’d just tell you a few tidbits about me as a mom.... OK, here goes:


  • I’ve had a glass of wine most nights since having Nora. Gotta make up for lost time!


  • I am not breastfeeding. I went back on my cancer medication a few days after giving birth and I can’t breastfeed while on it. I am not sad about this at all as I had a terrible breastfeeding experience with Alex. Oh, and I’m loving the fact that Nick can share the middle-of-the-night feedings!


  • I want to bond with and coo at Nora while she eats her bottle but sometimes I watch Bravo instead. And, I’ll admit, I’ve got all the episodes of Jersey Shore queued up in my DVR for this week! When it comes to maternity leave guilty pleasures, the trashier the better I think.


I can't believe I have a daughter!
  • I am not a fan of sleep deprivation so I do whatever I can to keep my kids on a good sleeping/eating schedule. Some people (like my mom…) think I’m too rigid but it works for us…and my kids are great sleepers. Nora only wakes up once in the night to eat!


  • I work from home—I’m a freelance magazine writer—but I’m not a stay-at-home mom. Alex goes to part-time daycare and, when I’m on crazy deadlines, I have a babysitter or my mom come over to help. After working in a (very stylish) office for eight years--I was an editor at GLAMOUR--I love that I can wear sweats to work everyday. And the flexibility is fantastic for a mom.


  • I believe in getting out of the house with my husband for adult time as often as possible (within reason so we don't go broke on babysitters/over-priced restaurant meals). I feel like this is going to be even more important now that we have two children, but also much harder to pull off, which, of course, worries me....


Saturday was my birthday (the big 3-2) and Nick and I went out for an awesome dinner. Afterward we had cake and cupcakes with the fam.


OK, that’s enough for now. Gotta get back to watching Housewives--I mean, my kids! Tell me about your parenting style—or what you think of mine!--and I'll see you back here next Tuesday!