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What Am I Doing Wrong?

I'm lying in bed hovering on the edge of consciousness. The TV is on but it's just white noise in the background. The clock says 8:40 PM.

Yup, it's not even 9:00 and I'm dead to the world. When did I become such an old man?

Although I'm losing my battle with fatigue, I'm still planning tomorrow. "I'll get those posts written," I think. "I'm way behind. Tomorrow there will be time."

Of course, I'm wrong.

My day began at 7:00. After feeding myself and the kids, getting them dressed and showering myself, I left the kids with my wife. Then I went to work and attacked my laundry list of to-do items. At 3:00, I retrieved my kids and we returned home.

They went down for their "naps" (a charade I refuse to abandon) while I prepared the evening's dinner, plated it, wrapped everything in plastic wrap and stuck it in the 'fridge.

At 4:00 I stopped pretending the kids were sleeping and let them escape their bedrooms. Then I had to change them into their swimsuits, change myself and pack the Swim Bag.

At 5:30 they have back-to-back swim lessons. Grace is first, and she swims solo (meaning, I don't have to get into the pool with her). I spend half an hour entertaining William and then we switch. I give Grace the magnet toy I put in the Swim Bag and get into the pool with William for his session.

By the time we return home, it's 7:00 PM. I pull their dinner plates from the 'fridge, heat them up and plop them and the kids at the table. About 45 minutes later, we breezed through books, jammies, teeth and lullabies By 8:30 they were in bed, and by 8:40 I was all but unconscious in my own bed while the TV presented Survivor to no one in particular. That's my Me Time: 8:00 PM until I fall asleep. Yippee.

Many of the websites I love to read are written by parents. They're updated daily with thoughtful, well-written posts. Other bloggers I know are prolific — putting up four or five posts a day. How? How do people find time for it? I must have terrible time management skills.

I know what you may be thinking. "Dave, it's more important to give yourself to the kids than write silly blog posts." I totally agree. It's just seems that everyone else is able to do it. To quote Dorothy:

"Why oh why can't I?"


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