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When Did I Become THAT Woman?

I just got back from spending a week at the Jersey shore with the family. I also had the good fortune of spending part of that week with one of my best friends and her son Aidan, who came from Houston to spend four days with us.


First, let me preface my post with the fact that we chose the hottest week of the century to go away, but who knew such was our fate when we made the plans weeks in advance! It was way too hot to take the baby to the beach, so I spent much of the week in the house practicing my goo-goo, gah-gah and raspberry skills, braving the elements only after the sun went down. That being said, the heat takes its toll on 2-year-olds, giving new meaning to the phrase "meltdowns."

Now, on with the post! At the shore, there is a great boardwalk with many rides for kids. Last year, Lucas was scared to death to ride the merry-go-round, but this year, he took to the rides like a skilled enthusiast, bypassing the merry-go-round altogether.

Lucas driving

And while Lucas and Aidan trolled around and around, and around and around on the rides, I found I morphed into THAT woman. You know the woman I'm talking about, "LUCAS, LOOK AT MOMMY! LUCAS, AIDAN SMILE! LUCAS! AIDAN! LUCAS! HI, LUCAS! LOOK AT MOMMY!"

It was like a scene from the Incredible Hulk. I shed my normally demure public persona for the blotchy, red flesh of a sweaty, crazed Mom. Yup. I was the woman that the poor suburban mother from Anywhere-is-better-than-where-I-live, NJ, is going to hear screaming off on the side in Timmy Jr's summer home video. The woman who elbowed said suburban mother from Anywhere-is-better-than-where-I-live, NJ, out of the way so I could get the perfect shot of my boy and Aidan going around and around, and around and around.

Can I blame my freakishly annoying behavior on the heat? Or have I really become so self-involved in my life as a mother that I have a total lack of regard for others in my vicinity when there’s a great photo op?

And speaking of being a self-involved mother, why do I entrust my toddler to a ride operator who coincidentally doesn't look old enough to drive, but somehow can operate heavy machinery loaded with a slew of innocent toddlers? Again, is it the heat or am I so desperate for the perfect photo op that I will risk, even sacrifice, not only my own public composure but worse, also my son's life?

Thank goodness a safe and good time was had by all. And the pictures are sooooo cute!

Fire engine