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Wishes and Dreams

I'm not sure Laylee fully understands the concept of dreams. When she wakes up each morning we ask her what she dreamed about and she tells us something she wishes would happen that day.

"Last night I dreamed that we were gonna make cookies and then you took me to the zoo."

When she's a teenager it'll be, "Last night I dreamed that Billy asked me to the prom and you gave me a new sports car and a $5000 clothes shopping spree."

"Oh really?" I'll respond. "I dreamed that you told me everything that was going on in your life, that you loved going to school, never spoke to a boy until you were 30 and learned how to give me spa pedicures."

Sometimes her dreams are simply used as evidence to prove a point she's trying to make. For example, this morning we got in the car to head out on a much anticipated family outing. She'd been counting down the days to this particular activity for weeks. As we pulled out of our neighborhood, she realized it was time to start counting down to something else.

"How many days till Christmas?" she asked.


"Can I wait that long?"

Snickering, I replied, "Yes."

"But last night I dreamed about Santa!"

Conclusion — It's a sign. We should probably move Christmas up a couple of months.

If what Cinderella says is true, "A dream is a wish your heart makes," perhaps the reverse is also true — When your heart makes a wish, you can just call it a dream.


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