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Dadchelor Party: A "Baby Shower" for the Dad-to-Be

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What do Scott Disick, Dean McDermott and Rodger Berman of Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project have in common? They all celebrated the impending birth of their baby with a dadchelor party. Robert Nickell, CEO of Daddy Scrubs, an apparel company dedicated to dads-to-be, says, “Once the baby comes, the family shuts down while the new baby gets through the ‘fourth trimester.’” Translation: pre-delivery party. Dadchelor activities include typical dude-centric diversions: drinking, golfing and skeet shooting (see McDermott's party). Unlike its premarital sibling, the dadchelor party is more calm before the storm than Category 5 hurricane.

Nineteen percent of moms say they'd be OK if their hubby had a dadchelor party, according to a recent poll on Facebook. Many of the moms we heard from are proponents of the coed shower. “There's no reason to leave men out of baby showers,” says Jessica H. on Facebook, “unless you plan to leave them out of the baby raising.” We'll toast—or golf, or shoot skeet—to that!

Did you have a co-ed baby shower, or did you husband have a dadchelor party?