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What Dad Type Are You?

Elliston Lutz

You see them at the playground, the PTA meeting, and plucking Fresh Beat Band tunes on their acoustic guitars. Here's a look at the latest pop profiles:

Hipster Dad

TV role model: Crosby Braverman, Parenthood. Proof he's arrived: The launch of the new fatherhood 'zine, Kindling Quarterly, an "exploration of fatherhood... through essays, interviews, art and photography." What he's listening to: A Spotify playlist of kid-appropriate indie songs like "Go Outside," by the Cults. What he's doing online: Catching up on, of course.

Geek Dad

TV role model: Marshall Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother. His kid...: Thinks the letter B stands for "bazinga." What he's doing online: Reading the Great Geek Debate: Legend vs. Labyrinth on

Rebel Dad

TV role model: Chris Brinkley, Up All Night. Proof he's arrived: The stay-at-home dad population has doubled in the past decade. Most recent domestic duty: Balancing the checkbook. Fifty-five percent of dads say "CEO" best describes their role in the family. What he's doing online: Discussing a kid's obstacle course with the dad group he joined on