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Go the F$#@ to Taiwan

Akashic Books

So what the f#@$ is the latest with the blockbuster children's book of 2011?

As it turns out, the publisher of Go the F$#@ To Sleep wants children in every time zone to go the f#@$ to sleep. That's right: the book is set to be translated into more than 20 languages including Korean, Serbian, Czech and Taiwanese.

In an interview that originally ran in Parenting's sister publication Babytalk, author Adam Mansbach discussed how some cultures weren't exactly thrilled with the content.  “My partner is Swedish, and though she loved it, the Swedish community didn’t get it at all,” he says. “They even expressed concern about my mental health! Since then, we’ve settled our differences, translated the book into Swedish, and it’s been well received there. Some cultures really understood and embraced the book, while others weren’t so keen on the idea.”

Mansbach believes the book’s universal truth makes it relatable no matter where the f#!$ you're raising a family. “The expectation of perfection in parenting can be crippling,” says the father of Vivien, the two-year-old insomniac who inspired the f#@$ing book. “This book allows parents to step away from those expectations if their kid doesn’t behave exactly the way they wish all the time.”

Entertaining frustrated 'rents who are up watching the Slap Chop infomercial at 4:14 a.m. is only part of the plan. The 32-page book is also being adapted into a feature-length movie (unfortunately, you learn very little by visiting its IMDB page). It's hard to imagine how one would cast this film. Sure, finding a wide-eyed kid is easy, but what about the whales huddled down in the deep, or the field mice that make not a peep. I'm guessing CGI will come in handy.

It's hard to imagine that Mansbach - a guy who authored two heavy-duty novels (The End of the Jews; Angry Black White Boy) before constructing a funny children's book around a funny Facebook status update - can ride this comet any further. This very well might be his "Ice Ice Baby." If he does have another kid's book in mind, he better be careful. Vanilla Ice's next big outing was "Ninja Rap."