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An open letter to the editors of

Dear editors of –

I’m having a really, really, really, really (really) hard time understanding how Pop Culture did not make your year-end list of the Top 50 Dad Blogs.

Let’s start with the obvious: I am great.

Now for the less obvious. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of mom blogs out there. But there are only about 47 or 48 dad blogs. So the fact that Pop Culture is not included in your Top 50 blows my amazingly sharp and witty dad mind.

Some of your choices only prove my point. One of the bloggers on your list is a woman. Granted, she is gay and the blog’s title is Lesbian Dad, but does that make her eligible? Are your standards that lax? What if every contest was that laissez faire with its qualifications? I don't think you'd appreciate seeing a bald, unshaven woman in the 2012 Miss America pageant.

You break out the blogs into six distinct categories, all of which describe my blog: most groundbreaking, most useful, funniest, most confessional, best design, and best writing. As my 7-year-old son told me recently, “Dad, your blog is groundbreakingly useful and confessionally funny.” *

I noticed a number of the dad blogs you chose are tech-savvy: High Tech Dad, Binary Dad, Beta Dad. Maybe you don’t think Pop Culture is up to your high-tech standards. I beg to differ. When my Nokia phone’s battery died, I hooked it up to the Hill Valley clock tower. The 1.21 jigawatts we got from the bolt of lightning charged my phone, and I was able to get my wife’s text about picking up 2% milk on the way home. **

I realize that Babble and Parenting are competitors. (We’ll be Obama. You be Gingrich.) But can’t we find common ground in my greatness? You know, Babble and Parenting actually have a lot in common. You were recently acquired by Disney. Disney World is the happiest place on earth. Parenting’s headquarters is located on earth. See what I’m saying?

Why can’t we work individually, but in harmony? Why can’t we give each other supportive nudges now and then? Parenting’s main rival did it for me earlier this year. In June, Parents’ Goody Blog reviewed my book Show Dad How. That’s like Steve Jobs giving Bill Gates a $25 iTunes gift card. 

Here’s what I can support: giving dad blogs some well-deserved attention. As you say in the list's introduction, “It is the first year in which dad blogging is making it to the masses in a big way,” and dad bloggers are “gaining more recognition with every passing month.” All I’m asking is that you keep me in mind for your 2012 roundup of dad blogs. And if I have to break out my little black dress and makeup kit to qualify for your best mom blogs list, I'll do it.

* Quote is the recollection of the author. The truth may vary.

* Any similarity to a popular 80s movie starring Michael J. Fox is purely coincidental.