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Pop-isms, Volume VI

Courtesy of Facebook

Have you recovered from your Thanksgiving tryptophangover yet?... Turning a laundry basket into a rocket ship: the ingenuity of this idea depends on whether you’re a father of a toddler or a NASA employee…. When your son makes pretend laser blaster sounds, does he do “bew bew bew" or "neow neow neow"?.... Dora the Explorer walked into the hair salon, showed the stylist a Playmobil figurine, and said, ‘Give me that ‘do’… Baby formula turns the most amazing 3-D movie ever into a crappy View-Master slide…. Pee, sleep, eat, pee, sleep, eat: routine for a pregnant woman or drunk college friend crashing on the sofa?... My 7-year-old loves it when I put gel in his hair to make the bangs swoop up to the left. Time to replace that default avatar on my Facebook profile…. Gross motor skills: description of childhood developmental ability, or NASCAR mechanic?... A truck filled with powdered sugar collides with an 18-wheeler hauling Triscuits. Boom. Frosted Mini Wheats are born…. One in ten fathers has a 10 percent chance of being an arbitrary statistic… Michael Buble is the name of a singer, not a Dr. Seuss character… The author of Go The F#$k To Sleep is working on his follow-up. It’s called Wake the F$#k Up We’re Going to Miss the Bus… I predict the big baby-naming trend of 2012 will be to name your child after an actual human being…. The Duggar family uses an 18-wheeler for car pool…. My son is suing Universal Studios. He developed the idea for Cowboys and Aliens three years ago using Woody and Jabba the Hutt figurines…. One hundred and forty characters: Tweet or PTA meeting?... I Don't Know How She Does It. I do: With the help of three nannies and Matthew Broderick.... Hey new and expectant parents: looking to buy a really cheap pack-n-play? Try the UPS store.