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Pop-isms, Volume I

I’m not into baby carriers. Marsupial is not a good look for me… Have you ever tried sipping out of a sippy cup? It’s impossible. They should call them forcefully sucky cups… My six-year-old has more questions about volcanoes than I have answers... Thanks to the recession, the stay-at-home dad population is growing faster than the stay-at-home mom population... There’s no way in hell Jim Bob Duggar doesn’t need a nap… Whoever invented Bakugan must hate walls and floorboards… I don’t care how many wheels it has. Jogging behind a stroller is impossible… If you wish your tween would pay less attention to you, wear a Snuggie to his next soccer game… My four-year-old won’t wear the blow-up wings that came with his Buzz Lightyear Halloween outfit. But he insists on carrying them… There isn’t an inch of fruit in Fruit by the Foot... Feeling your child’s loose tooth is both gross and awesome… Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids is just Facts of Life with insects instead of teenage girls... Based on their response to GQ’s Glee cover, I wonder if the Parents Television Council knows that David Caruso is not a detective in Miami…