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Pop-isms, Volume II


Whoever invented the Uncrustable deserves the Nobel Prize for snack foods… The only people who use “no” and “don’t” more than parents are street sign writers… What do you get when you cross a ninja, a SWAT team member and Darth Vader? I don’t know but I had breakfast with him on Saturday… I listen to a lot of pop radio. Not because I like it, but because my child stuffed three CDs in the car stereo… Landfills are mostly filled with two things: disposable diapers and non-biodegradable plastic toys… Happiness is a child in Transformers underwear screaming your name when the front door opens… May this be the last time we ever see these three words together: Jon and Kate… Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba needs to see a dermatologist pronto… Studies show that kids who wear light-up shoes grow up wanting to be construction barrels… The TV show that best promotes racial and cultural equality and tolerance is Star Wars: The Clone Wars… The toughest question I’ve ever been asked by one on my children is, “ Did cavemen babies have beards?”… A gumball machine is a great way to teach your child about primary colors and wasteful spending…