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1...2...3... Nesting! My DIY Weekend

We had invitations to attend both a homecoming game in Connecticut and an evening party in Brooklyn this past Saturday. Despite the appeal of tailgate-row meat products, and the fact that, pregnant or not, I can dance any fellow partygoer into a state of sputtering exhaustion (more on the merits of pregnant dancing on Thursday), we woke to dark skies and pouring rain on Saturday morning, and my nesting instinct kicked in. Full force.

We spent the day eating grilled cheese sandwiches, baking chocolate chip cookies, watching movies, and cooking dinner. I guess it was a food-oriented day after all! Aaron and I chose a recipe for Mushroom and Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Sauce (so good) from Rick Bayless’s Everyday Mexican, turned on some music, and chopped, sautéed and assembled dinner in our kitchen for about two hours. We then dined by candlelight, with the sound of rain hitting the windows as our auditory backdrop.


Sunday was gorgeous, but we were on a domestic roll. Aaron installed some shelves in the living room that I’ve been asking for (for photos and the like…we lack storage space, but practical shelving can come later), and I set about making over a changing table that I scored on Craig’s List.

Aaron instructed me in sanding and painting, and I dove in.

Note to self (and other knocked-up nesters): DIY projects like this one are not as easy as they appear on HGTV. I fell into bed at 11 p.m. feeling like I’d just completed a triathlon, but I’m pleased with the results; the table is 100% unique (and you’re not gonna find this at Pottery Barn).
Finished changing table

The weekend was in many ways ordinary, but our lives are so busy now with work, social, and creative endeavors that this was a treat. I’m also aware that once the baby arrives, we’ll be busy on a level we’ve never imagined, and two hours of relaxed cooking time together will be hard to come by, let alone an entire day to spend painting furniture. And, practical storage space will be a pressing need. This little in-between phase feels both natural and precious.

What kinds of nesting activities have you ladies been up to?

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