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21 Weeks, 165 Pounds, and Counting

My feet hurt in a new way. Like they're splaying flat, and spreading, under my increasing weight.

Not that I mind the increasing weight. Since the whole two-vessel-cord-could-mean-baby-malnourishment AND early-induction news, I've become a lot more fond of GROWING, whether it's him or me.

Linea Negra, anyone? There seems to be a faint line, threatening to darken, bisecting my big half-watermelon belly. My belly that rises and shakes when I laugh, and contorts into a kind of almost pyramid shape, with the sides pressing in and the middle pushing forward, popping my already distorted belly button OUT. Which, if I'm watching it, makes me laugh harder. (I hope this isn't uncomfortable for the baby.)

Bloating continues in my legs, especially when I sit on less than completely cushy surfaces for extended periods of time, like on the chair at my desk. I've started sitting on a physioball instead, to relieve pressure, or open my hips, or something.

But my hair... My hair looks great! Total Miss-Breck-commercial hair. I wish I could be pregnant forever, just for this hair. Except for the fact that I'm eschewing hair dye, and golly, I had no idea I had so much GREY. Oh well.