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33 Weeks: Big and Slow

Just in the last week, my big-ness has become more apparent. The famous waddle of the pregnant lady is more completely in effect, due in part to the relaxin-encouraged parting of the pubic bones in the area known as pubic symphysis.

So that’s fun.

And I’m just sleepier. I guess the second trimester WAS energetic, compared to this.

Also, my experience of the baby’s movement has radically changed. Whereas it started out like gas bubbles, then energetic flutter kicks, now that he’s much bigger, it’s like he’s trying to stretch and push his way out of my belly — Lemme out! — with the occasional jab inward at various organs, making me jump.

(I am assuming he’s much bigger. We’ll be confirming that at our next growth scan ultrasound on Monday.)

It is fun when his butt (at least I think it’s a butt) goes rolling across. Sometimes when I rub my stomach, he moves around more. Buddha Belly Baby.