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34 Weeks, 5 Pounds

On Monday, at the growth scan appointment, we were informed that baby boy weighs five pounds. I probably could have told THEM that, given the bowling-ball like experience that carrying him has become, and given how STRONG his movements are.

Still, it's nice to have outside confirmation that his growth is completely on schedule, despite the concerns early on that my two-vessel umbilical cord and my Advanced Maternal Age, engendered.

I can't believe I only have six weeks left. There's so much still to do. Nursery is still in pieces, gifts still in boxes. In spite of the extreme generosity of family and friends, we have almost NO infant clothing whatsoever.

I know we'll at least need some t-shirts to go over the diapers. But what size?

And diapers. We need those.

I bought one pack at the grocery store this week. For babies 6-14 pounds. Assuming he's going to get bigger at the rate of 1/2-pound per week, that should be the right size. But I didn't want to over-commit. Diapers will certainly be one of those things that someone (Scott, a friend, the post-partum doula?) will be running out to buy for us that first week.

Plus the whole "I am going to get a cloth diaper service" thing I keep telling myself. Must call them and set that up, and investigate non-toxicity of the rubber pants that go on top.