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Ah, Memories. How Do You Preserve Yours?

I’m a week into the third trimester, and while it’s been fantastic to enjoy the start of the holiday season while pregnant (I ate SO much turkey last Thursday), I am also starting to feel -- between the onset of achiness, a big ol’ belly to lug around, the itching, etc.-- like I’m ready for this pregnancy business to culminate in a happy, healthy baby in our arms. Of course I want him to bake thoroughly and all of that (emphasis on healthy, definitely), but I am not a naturally patient person, and pregnancy is largely about waiting…patiently.

That being said, I experienced a flood of mixed feelings yesterday when my doctor said “You’re almost there!” I was reassured, given the discomforts and potential health issues that have recently entered the mix. I was also excited; it reminded me of the very real fact that we’re having a baby, and soon! I also got a little nostalgic, realizing that once our baby’s born, this phase will be over and we’ll be onto the next -- parenthood.

I’m not much of a pack-rat or memento collector (I say this now, but wait ‘til my kid starts finger painting). We have some photos of my belly, of course, and ultrasound pictures. My mom kept an album of cards, and photos of gifts, that were given to her when I was born, and I love poring over those. I’m fortunate enough to have two baby showers in the works (score!), so I’ll be sure to take photos and save the cards. My friend Pam makes beautiful wedding and baby albums, so I’ll actually have a place to put those keepsakes, and to record what goes on during my baby’s first years. And writing these blog posts has been a gift in itself, in that I’m recording what I’m really doing and feeling during this intense time. As much as pregnancy requires patience, it’s also going by quickly. I’m glad I’ll have this record of what it’s like (plus all of the awesome comments and input from all of you).

So tell me: what kinds of keepsakes are you creating, or did you create, during your pregnancy? Are you updating baby books? Compiling albums and scrapbooks? What other cool ways have you devised to capture this part of your (and your baby’s) lives?