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Alcohol and Pregnancy: Have you ever indulged? (I did!)

As I mentioned, Nick and I went out to dinner Monday night to celebrate our 10-year anniversary of being a couple. (I love any excuse to not have to cook!) We went to a great new restaurant in our town and had incredible food -- tortellini with short ribs, polenta with portabellas and fontina cheese, branzino, mushroom risotto, and, to top it all off, the most perfect chocolate soufflé I have ever tasted. Seriously. I also ordered a small glass of champagne before dinner and sipped it throughout the night.

I have stolen small sips of Nick’s wine before -- and I did a little of that when I was pregnant with Alex, too -- but Monday night was my first ever glass of anything for myself. And it was...amazing. I ate so much (see the rundown, above) that I’m sure every ounce of alcohol was sopped up -- and I nursed it over three hours -- but man did it taste good.

Do I feel guilty? Not at all. Should I? I don’t know. It’s not like I’m going to start guzzling drinks every night now. In fact, I imagine the next champagne I drink will be at my Christmas party. And then...the night I have the baby! But I’m curious: Did you indulge in any wine/champagne/beer at all while you’re pregnant? Do you feel guilty about it?

P.S.: At the end of the night Nick said, with a twinge of guilt in his voice: “We didn’t talk about Alex at all.” My reply: “That’s a good thing! That means we still have interesting non-kid things to say to each other.” At least until number two arrives...