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Am I Supposed to Want a Girl?

As you know, this Thursday Nick and I find out the sex of our baby-to-be. I know I’m supposed to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway: I don’t care what it is. I really don’t. Sure, I can see why some people in my situation -- already having one boy -- would want to have a girl, but I just want to have a baby. A healthy baby. After surviving cancer, frankly I’m lucky to have any children at all.

But everyone I talk to about the big reveal -- and I mean, everyone -- says, “I hope it’s a girl!” “Fingers crossed for a girl!” “Let’s pray for a girl!” So now I feel like I should want a girl. “One of each!” they say, “it will be perfect!” Hmmm. Sure, I would love to have a girl -- I’m one of three daughters in my family so of course I think girls rock -- but I would also love to have another boy. I’ve always been a fan of same-sex siblings (perhaps because I never had a brother…).

Of course I would love a daughter...I'm one of three girls! (Here I am
with my sisters.)

One compelling argument I’ve heard for wanting a daughter is this: When they grow up, they stick around. Boys tend to go where their girlfriends and wives go -- whether it’s for holidays or for good -- and girls tend to go home to their families, settle nearby. Would it be nice to have my family close to me when I’m old and gray? Heck, yeah! And in my circle of friends, this is pretty much how it panned out, but I don’t know…what do you guys think? Any truth to this theory?

And how about you: Do you have girls or boys? What do you want to have? Do you think it’s OK to admit a preference? (Personally I’m all for honesty, so I think it’s cool when moms admit they want one over the other -- it’s not like they will love the kid any less if it’s the wrong sex! I hope, anyway!!!)

Well, as they say, it is what it is. And we’ll know soon. Stay tuned!