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And the third trimester comes roaring in.

It has arrived. The third trimester is here and, much like my first pregnancy, it’s like my body wants to make sure I’m aware. From week 26 to 27, I have gone from a happy-go-lucky 2nd trimester-glow pregnant lady to a moody, reflux-y ticking timebomb. It’s a bit overwhelmingly, honestly.

Not that things are that different. I haven’t started swelling (yet) and it’s not like my belly grew noticeably in the last week or made my waddle more pronounced, but something has changed, that I’m sure of.

I’m finding my patience with, well…everything… much shorter. Irrationally angry thoughts run through my head when people get in my way or slow me down. Then I’ll read a story about a lovely birth experience or cute-kid moment on some mommy blog and tear up like a sap. Then my husband will dare to ask me something crazy, like, “What do you want for dinner?” and I’ll suddenly snap in annoyance. “I don’t care. I’m just HUNGRY.”


Beware the wrath of Jo.

Last night, I went to bed in a huff. My husband had passed out on the couch early in the evening and when I woke him to go to bed, he sort of zombie walked into the bedroom, fell on his face, and passed out cold. Normally this wouldn’t matter in the least – what do I care if he’s asleep? But he hadn’t changed our daughter into her overnight diaper before he passed out – his part of our nightly routine – and the anger bubbled. The next 30 seconds went like this:

Me: “Where’s her overnight diaper, T?”

Him: “Huh?” *grumble* “I’m sleeping. Wha…?” *snore*

Me: [shouting, just feet from our sleeping toddler] “WHERE. IS. HER. DIAPER? DID YOU GET IT READY OR DO I HAVE TO DO THAT, TOO?”

Him: “In the cabinet. What the hell is your problem?”

Me: “You are so passive aggressive about this stupid diaper thing. UGH!”

Him: [mumbling as I storm out of the room] “Talk about passive aggressive. Man.”

Me: [quickly returning in a huff] “Passive aggressive? No. This is just aggressive. Passive aggressive is when you try to HIDE YOUR ANGER.”

Yeah, that really happened. I told you I’ve lost it.

When I stormed out again, I caught my breath, recognized my crazy, and sat down to figure out what the heck to do about it. I opted for a tall, cold glass of water followed by a Hypnobabies track on my iPod while I went to sleep. Fortunately, that seemed to do the trick. I woke up this morning feeling rested, calm, and embarrassed.

I know that I battled some moodiness at the end of my last pregnancy (don’t we all?), but this time, it feels more pronounced and far earlier than I was expecting. I’m guessing it has something to do with having this little one underfoot all the time because as much as I adore her (and do I!), it takes a lot of energy, a lot of attention, and a lot of patience to be the loving, attentive mother that I want to be. And, frankly, it's exhausting.

I think recognizing my mood swings and severely handicapped patience is a good first step. Now I just have to figure out the follow-through.

Did you have mood swings in late pregnancy – or any part of pregnancy? What did you do to combat them?


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