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Chirp, chirp... already?

Amanda Jo Greep

I hit the 26 week mark this weekend, which means the third trimester is just around the corner. I spent the weekend hanging out with the family, catching up on some household and work stuff, and starting to make mental lists of Things to Get Done Before Boo Arrives.

Dare I say the early stages of nesting have arrived?

I’m still feeling good and everything seems to be chugging along as usual, but I’m feeling a bit… slower… than usual. Today, while 44,000 of my fellow New Yorkers were busy running 26.2 miles, I opted to ride the elevator to the second floor of my food coop because the stairs seemed too daunting. I justified it by reminding myself that I still walk several miles a day, so I deserved a break. From 15 stairs.

It’s amazing how we can justify just about anything when we want to, isn’t it?

As I worked through the pile of stuff of my desk tonight, I started to wonder whether I should start getting organized for the new baby. We’re not having a shower, so there’s no need for a registry, and really, I don’t think we need much stuff anyway. We’ve got some newborn onesies, plenty of blankets, a varied selection of carriers, and a snuggle nest for the bed. And I’ve got a newborn-sized cloth diaper stash left over from Poppy and boobs to feed the new babe with.

So, yeah. What now?

As the birth draws closer, there will be things I’ll need to do, like actually get the diapers out, wash ‘em, and put them somewhere accessible, but I think most of my nesting this time around will be the more fun stuff like building my labor playlist on the iPod (last time’s go-to: Bon Iver and Thelonious Monk), stocking my freezer with healthy foods, and reaching out to friends and family to help me build a new birth necklace.

At the moment, I’m trying to enjoy the remaining solo time with my toddler and not worry too much about the massive cankles I’m sure are on the horizon. I’m hoping I’ve got the Charlie Horses under control with a new addition to my daily regime (Calcium Magnesium supplements, as recommended by my midwife) and someday I’ll actually get around to getting serious with my at-home childbirth ed efforts.

For now, however, I’m going to let the nesting urges build up slowly. With any luck, you won’t find me manically scrubbing the fronts of the kitchen cabinets or recaulking the bathtub at 11 p.m. for several more weeks, at least. For now, both of those things are just low-priority items on a slowly growing To Do list ;)

Did you get hit by the nesting urge while pregnant? How soon did it take over your brain and start making you crazy?