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Here we go again!

Amanda Jo Greep

Two and a half months ago, my husband and I had an argument.

“There’s no way I’m pregnant right now!”

“Then take a test and prove me wrong. I bet you are!”

Turns out, he was right.

Even though I didn’t believe it at first, this second baby was intentional. We just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. The first time around, it took several months, careful charting, and more sex in five months than we’d had in the preceding five years. We assumed it would take at least that much effort this time around, if not more. Guess the joke’s on me! I will say, though, that although it happened quicker than planned and has thrown a small wrench into a couple of plans, we’re extremely grateful for our health and good luck in beginning this latest adventure.

I’m currently 16ish weeks along and already surprised at the speed with which this pregnancy seems to be passing me by. I can hardly believe I’m comfortably in my second trimester. I can hardly believe it’s already September. I can hardly believe I’m going to the mother of two kids.

Holy hell, what have I gotten myself into?!

Being a second-timer at this whole pregnancy thing, I’m feeling mostly relaxed at the moment. I’m not stressing about preparation or baby registries or the birth itself. If anything, I’m excited. I already know what’s coming (at least in general terms) and with this confidence, I feel like I have more room to leisurely explore all the options out there and have a little fun with it all. It’s the postpartum period that has me the most worried, but I s’pose that’s a topic for another post.

Rumor has it second kids all too often get the shaft in terms of photos and baby books and sentimental record keeping, so I’m glad to be here, sharing this journey with all of you, and grateful to Parenting for giving me this opportunity to give my second kiddo a chance at keeping up.

And I'd like to invite all of you to sign on as part of my virtual birth team and join me on this journey from now until February because if there's anything I learned the first time around it's that love and support will be the key to making it a good one.

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