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Holy mood swings, Batman!

In many ways, this pregnancy has been much like my last. I’ve enjoyed good health since the start, sailed comfortably into my second trimester several weeks ago, and everything is going according to plan so far.

Except for the wild mood swings. Whoa.

The last time around, I wasn’t like this. At least I don’t remember being like this and if my husband does, he’s (wisely) keeping his mouth shut. Sure, I had my moments like any other pregnant woman does, especially in the third trimester when I was swollen to cartoonish proportions and just totally over the entire concept of being pregnant. But now? Just halfway through? I hate to think what the third trimester has in store for my mental state.

These days, I’m a rollercoaster of emotions in any given ten minute period. I can go from total frustration at my toddler one minute to sobbing over a Lady Gaga video in the next, then, without skipping a beat, giggle wildly over the latest political cartoon that one girl I went to high school with just posted on Facebook.

And I won’t even tell you what I angrily yelled at the laundry machine repair guy the other day before suddenly switching it up two minutes later and wanting to hug him for getting the machine fixed in time for me to dry my clothes. 

It’s like every time I open my mouth, I’m not exactly sure what’s going to come spewing out. And I’m starting to feel a bit ridiculous.

Fortunately, I’m surrounded by people who love me. My husband is supportive and understanding, my todder has a short memory, and my boss is a midwife – my midwife, in fact – so she’s used to crazy pregnant women. Thank gods.

I’m waiting for the moodiness to subside, but because I don’t remember feeling it this badly the last time I was pregnant, it’s new territory for me. Is this something I can expect to subside? Or am I going to have to quarantine myself from now to February lest I terrify the general public?

Did you face mood swings in pregnancy? If so, how did you cope with them? Did you find anything that made them better – more sleep, diet changes… magic spells? I’ll take any suggestion you’ve got.


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