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It’s official: let the nesting begin!

Tony Greep

I’m 36 weeks pregnant, which means that in just one short week, I will be officially FULL TERM.


This also means that, whether I like it or not, I need to start getting ready. Especially considering I have some extra things to prepare because of our plans to birth at home.

I’m not feeling a huge desire to “nest” yet, even though at this point, I really wish I was. My house is a wreck. I have nothing ready. I haven’t even ordered my birth kit. And my midwife comes to my house next week for the big home visit. Whoops.

Today, my husband helped me get in the spirit, however, by recommending we start a Boo To Do list. What felt like 347 bullet points later, I started to panic. OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! So I did what any pregnant woman would do in my situation – I sat down in my recliner and ate a bowl of ice cream. And then I got on it.

We started with the basics and decided to pull out the birth pool for a test run. We bought the pool 2.5 years ago for our daughter’s birth, so we already know how to set it up, but still thought it would be prudent to make sure (1) we remembered how, and (2) there weren’t any leaks or other issues we need to address before the Big Day.

It’s a good thing we did, because within minutes of it being full of air, we heard a distinct shhhhhhhh. Fortunately for us, the hole is small, up on top of the pool wall (not where water will go), and we have time to patch it. Unfortunately for us, our toddler woke up from her nap before we had deflated it again and decided it was the world’s best trampoline and play pit, so here’s to hoping she didn’t cause any more damage.

Once that was taken care of, I sat down to look at the To Do list again and had no idea where to start. Do I sit down and order some needed stuff online? Do I tackle some house cleaning? Do I try to dig out baby clothes and start sorting through old stuff to use for the new baby?

I seriously considered a second bowl of ice cream at this point, but I talked myself out of it and joined my husband and toddler in the kitchen instead where, in just a few short minutes, they had emptied most of the cabinets and were busy negotiating how they should reorganize it all.

Wait, am I not the one who’s supposed to be doing the crazy stuff?

Several hours later, our kitchen cabinets are in amazing shape (down to the excess spices now being stored in clearly labeled baby food jars and neatly lined up on a shelf), but I still don’t have a birth kit, the one thing my midwife strongly encourages all of her patients to have in hand by the time she comes over. Clearly, my priorities are a bit out of whack, but here’s to hoping this nesting bug is here to stay. After all, those baby clothes aren’t going to wash themselves.


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