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Just call me Butterfingers.

Flicker user stevensnodgrass. CC Licensed.

Is it just me or does everyone become the biggest klutz on the planet in the final weeks of pregnancy?

It doesn’t make any sense to me why this would happen all of a sudden as I’ve really been pretty normal up to now, but I am a mess. I’m dropping plates, tripping over the cat, randomly walking into walls, stumbling over absolutely nothing, and elbowing my toddler in the face.  And that’s only in the last half hour.

Fortunately for the kid, I really only have two speeds these days – slow motion or completely still – so I haven’t managed to hurt her in any of my ridiculousness, but she’s still clearly insulted each time it happens, no matter how profusely I apologize.

This will remedy itself once the baby is born… right?

The other day, I was at work and decided to ask my midwife about it.

“Is this a pregnancy-related thing or am I just randomly losing coordination for no good reason? I mean, seriously, just a few minutes ago I was trying to pour a glass of water and I just lost control of the paper cup, sent it flying into the air, and… [I attempt to demonstrate the earlier fumbling motion with the cup currently in my hand and end up accidentally launching it into the air and dropping it on the floor]. ARGH! That wasn’t even intentional! DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?”

She just laughed, assured me it was normal (maybe it’s all that relaxin in my joints?), and told me not to worry.

Normal or not, I think we’re switching to all paper or plastic dishware for the next 4-6 weeks and I’m not going to allow myself to carry anything hot. Ever.

Clearly, it’s in all of our best interests.

Did you find yourself extra clumsy in pregnancy? Was it all the way through or just at certain points? What did you do to remedy it or, at the very least, prevent personal injury?


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