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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today is the 7th annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Every year, on October 15th, mothers come together to celebrate, grieve, and support each other as they remember and reflect on personal losses.

While I have been incredibly fortunate to have one healthy intended pregnancy that ended in a healthy child and appear to be on the road to my second, I have many, many dear friends and family members who have suffered losses -- whether it was an early miscarriage, a late one, a stillbirth or otherwise.

I want to reach out to them -- and all mothers -- today and say that I remember your pregnancies, your babies, and your children and hope that you are finding peace today, as always.

Early miscarriage, in particular, in a very common occurence among women (as many as 10-20% of pregnancies spontaneously miscarry in the first trimester). It's likely someone you know has experienced one even if you don't know about it. But just because it's a common experience doesn't mean it is insignifcant, especially to the woman who experiences it. Please be gentle and understanding with women who suffer losses at any stage and offer them your love and support.

Fortunately, in today's day and age, there are also online resources and communities like Unspoken Grief to help women grieve and find support from others. If you've suffered a loss and are looking for a community in which to reflect, please give this one a visit.

And if you're interested in participating in a candelight vigil of sorts, you can do so tonight through's "Wave of Light" event. Details below.